Key Points

  • Singapore will launch a new work pass called Tech.Pass in 2021
  • The work pass allows individuals to invest, start and run a business, and give lectures
  • Certain qualifying criteria apply, including minimum salary and experience requirements
  • Tech.Pass has a two-year validity with the opportunity for extensions
  • Tech.Pass has shorter application processing time than other Singapore work authorization programs


On January 1, 2021, certain foreign nationals in the technology industry can apply for a new work pass called Tech.Pass. Tech.Pass allows qualified individuals to operate a business and perform certain business activities in Singapore.

Who is Eligible?

The upcoming pass provides a new pathway for a select group of highly skilled foreign nationals into Singapore. Tech.Pass permits certain business activities including investing in companies, starting or running a business, lecturing at higher education institutions, and more.

What are the Requirements?

To be eligible for Tech.Pass, foreign nationals must meet the following requirements:

  • Gross monthly salary of SGD 20,000
  • Five years' cumulative experience in a leading role of a technology firm with a market capitalization or value of at least USD 500 million or USD 30 million funding
  • Five years' cumulative experience in a leading role in developing a technology product with at least 100,000 monthly users or a minimum of USD 100 million in revenue

Tech.Pass also has provisions for duration of stay, including:

  • A two-year validity and possible extension of two more years based on eligibility
  • Foreign nationals may apply for an extension if they earned at least SGD 240,000 in income during their initial two-year pass validity
  • Individuals can also apply for an extension if they can prove a pending total annual business revenue of SGD 100,000 or more

What Should Employers and Applicants Know?

The two-year validity associated with Tech.Pass is similar to the duration of many work authorization programs in Singapore, but it will have a faster application processing time.

Originally Published by Envoy, November 2020

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