We would like to inform you that the Ministry of Health in the Republic of Cyprus has published the following Decree (No. 27):

  1. Regulation 2.2 of the Infectious Diseases (Determination of Measures against the Spread of Covid-19 Coronavirus) Decree (No.26) of 2021, is amended by deleting the phrase "5th of July 2021" (first line) and replacing it with the phrase "8th of July 2021".
  2. All employees in the private, public, wider public sector and in local authorities, may be absent from work throughout the day of their vaccination, without this day being deducted from the employee's annual leave of absence and provided that a vaccination certificate is presented to the employer:
    • It is noted that, if the vaccination requires two-doses, this Regulation applies to both days of the vaccination:
    • It is further noted that this Regulation also applies in the cases where an individual is a parent/legal guardian of a minor child, provided that the parent/legal guardian accompanies his/her minor child for vaccination and provided that a minor's vaccination certificate is presented to the employer.
  3. The current Circular enters into force, upon its publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic.

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