PKF Cyprus Nicosia office is excited to announce the launching of PKF Cyprus legal services division.

PKF Cyprus Nicosia office now launches a unique one-stop centre, aiming to provide full, total and comprehensive corporate and legal services solutions in Cyprus to its clients both in Cyprus and abroad. The PKF Cyprus legal services division is located in new completely separate building facilities in Nicosia in the same building as the PKF Cyprus Nicosia office.

The opening of a PKF Cyprus legal services division will uniquely position PKF Cyprus Nicosia office in providing to Cyprus companies, Cyprus companies shareholders, directors and officers, business ventures and entrepreneurships, small businesses and to individuals, total, comprehensive and top quality advisory services. This is a unique model of providing corporate services aiming in offering at the same point in time accounting, taxation, corporate and legal services.

The PKF Cyprus Nicosia office will now be privileged to provide to the most respectable corporations both in Cyprus and abroad with an all-embracing, across the board range of corporate services, mostly in the areas of:

  1. Cyprus Corporate law, Cyprus Commercial and Business Law (Cyprus companies formation and dissolution, shareholders agreements, corporate contracts etc),
  2. Estate planning and administration including minor children planning and administration and generally family planning
  3. Wills and trust administration both in Cyprus and abroad and asset distribution management
  4. Banking and finance both in Cyprus and abroad
  5. Real estate in Cyprus
  6. General contract law
  7. Business structuring and mergers and acquisitions,
  8. Corporate dispute resolutions
  9. Debt collection

What the new PKF Cyprus Nicosia office legal services division will practically mean to PKF Cyprus Nicosia office clients:

  1. Providing full professional services to even more demanding clients looking for quality services both from the legal and accounting and tax services aspect
  2. Provide a one-stop centre for an all –  embracing professional advisory services
  3. PKF Cyprus Nicosia clients will enjoy a unique model of service provision, offering at the same point in time accounting, taxation, corporate services and legal services
  4. A broader and deeper range of services to meet PKF Cyprus Nicosia office client's business needs (other than services currently offered by PKF Cyprus Nicosia office)
  5. Greater support and resources available
  6. Unique  experience on Cyprus commercial law and Cyprus corporate and business law

PKF Cyprus Nicosia brings over 20 years of combined experience in accounting, tax consulting and corporate services. Now is the time to move on to a new range of professional services, whilst maintaining the same level of quality of service, expertise and commitment.

We believe, that the renewed corporate identity of PKF Cyprus Nicosia will allow us to remain at the forefront of quality professional services both in Cyprus and abroad

We are confident, that PKF Cyprus Nicosia office revamped corporate identity, as a professional service provider offering total corporate solutions, will allow us to straighten our position as one of the leading corporate service firms in Cyprus. We commit ourselves to continue offering exemplary services whilst retaining the core values that clients have come to expect from PKF Cyprus Nicosia office. We are excited to be able to take this step and look forward to seeing PKF Cyprus Nicosia office to develop and offer even more in the future.

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