As of 18 December 2022, there have been changes with respect to consumer loans, including instalment purchase. The amendment ends any discretion to add additional commissions and margins. Their maximum limit is set at 45 % of the total amount of the commitment over the life of the loan. The "First Home" programme, which incorporates the so-called "2 % safe loan" – a scheme of mortgage subsidies for the first 10 years of repayment – is slated to start on 1 July 2023. Limits will be placed on, among others, the age of the beneficiary (no more than 45 years old) and the maximum amount of the loan (PLN 500,000 or 600,000, depending on the type of household). The Polish Financial Supervisory Authority has re-laxed the conditions for assessing creditworthiness and indicated that the lowest, minimum buffer level (2.5 percentage points) should be applied to loans with a temporarily fixed interest rate. For loans with variable interest rates, the buffer should be correspondingly higher.

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