Are you (or your clients) making estate plans or administering an estate that involves one or more jurisdictions? Will you (or your clients) inherit property in another country? Do you (or your clients) own a second home in a foreign jurisdiction, including a civil law country such as France or Italy where the rules on death are very different? Did you (or your clients) move to another jurisdiction but leave behind assets in their place of origin, or perhaps in several places?

It's challenging to stay on top and navigate the different legal and tax rules that apply to succession on death when estate planning and estate administration has foreign connections. 

Join this webinar from O'Sullivan Estate Lawyers LLP, recognized as one of Canada's leading trusts and estates legal boutiques, and which is well known for its expertise in international succession issues. Learn how to approach multijurisdictional issues in estate planning and administration, how, when, and why foreign laws may apply, and the key importance of a well thought out and coordinated plan.

This webinar will explore a number of important issues, as well as present case studies to illustrate solutions to multijurisdictional planning issues. Some of the topics will include:

• Wealth succession: How to determine which jurisdiction's laws apply to determine various succession matters. 
• Using separate situs wills and powers of attorney – when are they recommended?
• Administering property – When a person dies and owns property in a foreign country. 
• Multiple taxation on death – What you need to know to avoid unintended consequences.
• Forced heirship rules – How they may apply and how to deal with them.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.