On January 1, 2024, fees that are payable to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) for industrial design applications and registrations will increase by at least 25 percent.1 To save costs, applicants and registrants may consider taking certain steps and paying certain types of fees in the 2023 calendar year, before the fee increases take effect.

The below table summarizes the fee increases in 2024 for commonly paid fees. Most of these increases are about 32 percent of their current amounts.

Fee 2023 2024
Application filing $430.30 $567.00
Fee for each page of the representation in excess of 10 pages $10.75 $14.00
Requesting advanced examination $537.87
Reinstatement $215.14
Delaying registration $100.00
Maintenance fee for registration $376.50
Recordal or registration of a transfer $100.00

As a cost-saving measure, prospective applicants may consider filing planned applications in 2023, if possible. Current applicants may consider requesting advanced examination, reinstating applications, and delaying registration in 2023, if desired or necessary. Registrants may consider paying maintenance fees in 2023.


1. See: Rules Amending the Industrial Design Regulations, SOR/2023-115, online [https://www.gazette.gc.ca/rp-pr/p2/2023/2023-06-21/html/sor-dors115-eng.html].

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