On April 15, 2023, a claims filing process became open to Canadians to apply for compensation for injuries suffered following use of the diabetes medications Invokana, Invokamet and/or Invokamet XR. The claims process will give Canadians the chance to apply to have their claims evaluated pursuant to a court-approved compensation protocol and be offered individual awards of funds, if eligible, from a national Settlement of Canadian Invokana class action litigation.

The Canadian Invokana Class Action Settlement, which was approved by superior courts in Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan, resolved three class actions which alleged that Invokana may cause certain injuries – acute kidney injuries/acute renal failure, diabetic ketoacidosis, and/or the amputation of a lower limb – that were not sufficiently warned of by the drug's manufacturers. Siskinds LLP and Siskinds Desmeules were among Class Counsel firms that pursued the class actions and helped to achieve the Settlement, which received its final approval from the Court of King's Bench of Saskatchewan through a fiat released on February 8, 2023 (Read our Invokana webpage for more info).

Pursuant to the Compensation Protocol for the Settlement, all eligible class members who were prescribed and ingested Invokana, Invokamet and/or Invokamet XR and who suffered any of the major physical injuries alleged in the class actions (acute kidney injury/acute renal failure, diabetic ketoacidosis, or amputation of a lower limb) by certain dates in 2016 and 2017 will be eligible for compensation, if they can provide prescription evidence (to show a valid prescription for the requisite period of time) and injury evidence (to show that an eligible injury occurred before certain dates when the drugs' warnings were updated). The deadline to file a claim is August 14th, 2023.

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