In continuing its efforts to streamline access to various services, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) announced that it will launch a new online portal for patent services, MyCIPO Patents.

At the initial release in spring, MyCIPO Patents will allow users to:

  • file Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) national entry requests (NER);
  • pay maintenance fees on a single or multiple applications or patents;
  • save draft applications and submissions that have not yet been submitted;
  • view history of submissions;
  • share access among members of the same office; and
  • receive an application number immediately upon successful submission of a NER.

When fully launched, MyCIPO Patents will allow users to:

  • file new regular applications and divisional applications;
  • initiate a submission on a single or multiple application(s) or patent(s); and
  • access information and correspondence related to unpublished applications by authorized users (at first, this feature will only be available for applications where all agents of an office are appointed using MyCIPO Patents).

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office To Launch MyCIPO Patents 

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