The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) has launched electronic patent issuance. Clients who have been granted a Canadian patent will now download their documents in electronic format rather than receiving a paper copy.

The new e-issuance process will produce 2 PDFs, consisting of:

  1. the patent, sealed with a digital signature using Notarius software;
  2. the cover page, description, claims and drawings.

On the patent, the digital signature replaces the physical Patent Office seal. Patentee will now see a visual representation of the seal placed on the patent. With this digital signature, the patent is considered official. One cannot edit the document without breaking the digital seal.

If the patentee still requires a copy of the paper package, the patentee can use CIPO's document order form to submit a request.   More information here.

CIPO Launches Electronic Patent Issuance

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