After September 11th, among others, the aviation industry had to find ways to redefine its operations. If the client is the concept to push up every business, any situation affecting the clients’ preferences will affect the industry involved. Since that date, people are trying to change its needs of flying in order to find other alternatives.

Beyond three fatal incidents during late fifteen days the Ecuadorian consumer confidence was affected towards domestic airlines and regulatory authorities showing a more serious problem in the industry. Domestic flights have usually been considered a controlled market. Consumers have always felt weakly with the Ecuadorian Aviation Laws protection.

Two main problems have to be solved. First, the authority for the area must no longer be controlled by the air force and regulated by military status. Second, the aviation market has to be reshaped. If aircraft operation requires large investments, the virtual air carriers companies will be a solution, for instance. But, changes in aviation legislation are mandatory.

Last tragedies will give other reason to start reforms in the system. Military privileges to own an airline have to change immediately.

At this point, the answer for our question is NO. At least, on the other hand, the construction of two new international airports, in Quito and in Guayaquil, seems to be the first step of a huge climbing.

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