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In this edition of 'It depends', Scott Hay-Bartlem and the Cooper Grace Ward private client team celebrate our 100th 'It depends' video. Thank you all for watching and here's to the next 100!

Video transcript

Hi. I'm Scott Hay-Bartlem, partner in the private client team here at Cooper Grace Ward and with me, I've got the private client team.

How 'It depends' started

Back in 2021, we thought we'd try something different. A new video series for social media. We wanted it to be short and sharp and snappy, a bit fun, but informative. Cover off all those things that people keep asking us all the time. Now, we were blown away by the positive feedback we got to our It Depends series. And so this is (we're very excited) our 100th It Depends. So, to have got through 100 we find is a really exciting achievement for us.

We thank you for your support

So, thank you all for watching. Thank you all for your constructive comments. Thank you all for watching and getting into the spirit of what we were trying to achieve. So, we're looking forward to doing lots more It Depends. We'd love to have your thoughts-on new topics, things you'd like to know, good things to talk about. So, just remember, every question can be answered with 'It depends'. It depends. It depends. It depends. It depends. It depends. It depends. It depends. It depends. Thanks for watching 100 episodes of It Depends.

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