The Workers Compensation Independent Review Office or commonly referred to as 'WIRO' is a NSW Government Agency established to assist injured workers with:

  1. Receiving free legal advice about a potential or existing workers compensation claim; and
  2. Resolving complaints about an insurer's handling of a workers compensation claim.

Free Legal Advice and Representation

Most Injured workers in NSW are eligible to obtain funding from WIRO to receive free legal advice about a potential or existing claim, regardless of their individual financial circumstances. "Exempt workers" including police officers, firefighters, paramedics, coal miners and workers suffering from a dust disease are not eligible for WIRO funding.

WIRO does not provide legal advice themselves but will provide funding to a workers compensation lawyer to cover all legal costs and expenses associated with:

  • Making and investigating a workers compensation claim;
  • Challenging an unfavourable decision about a claim;
  • Providing workers with general advice regarding their rights and entitlements under NSW workers compensation legislation; and
  • Accessing death benefits.

The types of unfavourable decisions which would require legal advice include:

  1. An insurer's decision to refuse payment of weekly compensation benefits, medical treatment expenses or lump sum compensation for permanent impairment.
  2. A work capacity decision issued by an insurer to reduce a worker's entitlement to weekly compensation benefits.
  3. An employer's refusal to provide an injured worker with suitable duties when they can return to work in a modified capacity.

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Complaints against Insurers

WIRO also investigates and resolves complaints made by workers about an insurer's conduct.

As WIRO is unable to provide legal advice, the types of issues WIRO will investigate will often relate to procedural matters, for example, an insurer's failure or delay in determining a compensation claim.

WIRO will liaise with both the worker and insurer to investigate the complaint and will attempt to resolve the issue by clarifying the problem and if necessary, negotiating a fair compromise.

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The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.