Three draft Bills were circulated last year which, if passed, would introduce significant changes in the NSW building industry. The proposed reforms have a much wider reach than the just the residential sector, which itself has been the prime focus of reform in the NSW building industry over the last several years.

The draft bills, namely the Building and Construction Legislation Amendment Bill 2022 and associated regulation, the Building Bill 2022 and the Building Compliance and Enforcement Bill 2022 were open to public consultation until 25 November 2022, with submissions received still currently under review.

There is no timeline for the publication of a final report and it is difficult to anticipate when the new government will push this reform package.

Given that it could be at any time, we are dusting off the draft Bills to give you a tour of the reform package in our webinar on 23 August 2023. There will be relevant aspects for builders, developers, designers and certifiers, so we do hope you can join us. Hard hats optional. Learn more about the session and register here.

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