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IP Experts LIVE: Webinar for IP Professionals

IP Experts LIVE is a webinar series by BARDEHLE PAGENBERG (see our program PDF).

Our experts will provide you with insights on selected aspects of German and European IP law with a focus on practical and strategic guidance. At the end of each seminar, there will be a Q & A session.

What is it about?

Nowadays, the protection of costly investments in innovative technology in the fields of telecommunications, software development, "big data" analysis and artificial intelligence is of strategic importance for the competitiveness of any market participant. In this webinar, we will discuss the EPO's approach for assessing patentability of computer-implemented inventions and examples demonstrating which types of computer-implemented inventions can be protected by a European patent. We will also provide you with some practical guidance on how to draft patent applications relating to computer-implemented inventions.

Dr. Christof Karl and Dr. Patrick Heckeler will address the following aspects:

  • The EPO's COMVIK approach for assessing the inventive step of computer-implemented inventions
  • Examples regarding patentable aspects of computer-implemented inventions based on the EPO's recent case law
  • Tips and tricks for drafting patent applications for computer-implemented inventions

If you are looking for up-to-date insights into the patentability of computer-implemented inventions at the EPO, please register for this webinar now.

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