Torys is excited to announce its partnership with Venturepark Labs, as it helps to further its support of CPG entrepreneurs.

Torys will work with Venturepark Labs to offer our entrepreneurs guidance on structuring their companies, bringing a product to market, manufacturing and supply chain developments, fundraising, shareholder arrangements, and any other issues founders face.

Konata Lake, the head of the Emerging Companies and Venture Capital Group, said that the firm was excited to provide its extensive expertise in food, agriculture and technology to participating founders.

"Supporting entrepreneurs is a key area for us and we are always eager to apply our expertise to support small businesses. We understand what companies need to look like from an organizational standpoint, and the various needs an entrepreneur has as they grow their business," Konata said.

Konata also explained how Torys simplifies certain aspects of owning a business by helping entrepreneurs overcome potential high-risk problems in a challenging market landscape.

"As companies grow and scale, the work we do helps make that process easier. We put the focus on the entrepreneur and the business and help them to not feel overwhelmed by legalities," he said.

With Torys' emphasis on strategic planning and a holistic view of the CPG landscape, Venturepark Labs is looking forward to this new chapter and the advice and mentorship future cohorts will receive.

"We are thrilled to partner with Torys to support Canadian business owners, as we are well-aware that entrepreneurs and small businesses are operating in unprecedented times. Having access to trusted legal advice and council is invaluable and will give our entrepreneurs the support they need to lead with confidence", said Mike McNeil, Vice President of Venturepark Labs.

To learn more about the work that Torys does to support entrepreneurs, and the VC's, lenders and strategic investors who finance them, visit the Emerging Companies and VC practice page.

For more information on Venturepark Labs and their program offerings for Canadian entrepreneurs who are looking to push the potential of their business, reach out to the team at