With the increasing sophistication of algorithms and artificial intelligence, antitrust liability can arise from conduct outside of the smoke-filled rooms traditionally associated with cartels. As enforcement priorities shift with the new administration, companies in the tech sector and beyond are facing new and evolving competition risk relating to employment practices, search term advertising, algorithms to optimize prices, and the accumulation of data.

On October 20, join Winston & Strawn Partners George Mastoris, Molly Donovan, and Sofia Arguello, and Associate Patrick Opdyke for a discussion about emerging issues in antitrust law and enforcement, as well as practical steps companies across industries can take to mitigate the risk of costly investigations and litigations.

Highlights from the program will include a discussion on:

  • The heightened scrutiny on labor markets, including evolving risks surrounding non-compete provisions and a new focus on labor market effects in FTC merger reviews
  • Recent FTC, state AG, and private suits challenging search term ad agreements and how to minimize risk when bidding on keyword search terms
  • The competitive effects of algorithmic pricing and best practices to reduce exposure to collusion claims
  • The anticompetitive use of data and novel theories of competitive harm that unite antitrust and data privacy.

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