OIL was the gold sponsor of the BVI Asia Trade Mission 2016. The roadshow, hosted by BVI Finance, in collaboration with the Premier's Office and BVI House Asia, aimed to deepen and expand the BVI's footprint in the Asia Pacific region.

Under the theme "Strategies for Global Success - BVI: The International Partner of Choice", the delegation attended the two week event led by the Premier and Minister of Finance of the BVI, Dr. the Honourable D. Orlando Smith, OBE, as well as other senior government officials and industry stakeholders.

In China, a series of presentations and meetings with executive level decision makers were conducted in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Hangzhou.

Each leg of the roadshow featured a presentation by Simon Filmer, Deputy Group Managing Director at OIL, as well as a panel discussion moderated by him.

While presenting "The BVI: At the Cutting Edge of Incorporations", Simon commented on the incorporation system, VIRRGIN, as one of the most innovative and efficient systems of company incorporations, and a global leader.

Closing the roadshow was a panel titled "The Enduring Competitiveness of the BVI" moderated by Simon, where panellists discussed the advantages of the BVI over its competitors.

The roadshow was well attended and allowed participants to understand the different aspects of the BVI's role in helping China go global in the 21st century.