The Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan approved the agreement between Kazakhstan and China on a mutual visa-free regime.

The agreement on a visa-free regime between Kazakhstan and China, reached on 17 May 2023 in Xi'an, was approved by the Government of Kazakhstan. Kazakhstani citizens wishing to enter China are required to have a passport and a certificate to return to the country. Chinese citizens can use a semi-official passport, ordinary passport or temporary travel document to travel to Kazakhstan.

Holders of valid travel documents are exempted from visa requirements for various purposes, including private affairs, tourism, medical treatment, international transportation, transit and business meetings (contracting, negotiation, consulting services and other business purposes)

Visa-free regime applies to entry, exit and transit through the territory of another state, with the total period of stay not exceeding 30 calendar days from the date of border crossing. Within 180 calendar days, it is allowed to stay in both countries for no more than 90 calendar days.

Nevertheless, the parties reserve the right to refuse entry or extension of stay to citizens without giving any reasons.