Holland & Knight's Labor, Employment and Benefits Group recently wrapped up a four-part HR Toolkit Webinar Series that covered a variety of updates and hot topics related to human resources, employment and benefits.

In case you missed them, below are the recorded presentations from our 2022 HR Toolkit Series.

Part 1: Setting Up Your Company for Success in Employment Arbitration

Partner Timothy Taylor shared best practices for helping companies successfully manage employment claims brought in arbitration. Topics included drafting enforceable and protective arbitration clauses, complying with the new federal law prohibiting certain arbitrations of sex discrimination claims, navigating arbitrations and parallel government investigations, and more.

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Presented by Timothy Taylor

Part 2: Considerations for Implementing and Enforcing Restrictive Covenants

Partner Todd Wozniak and Associate Talis Trevino covered best practices for helping companies implement and enforce restrictive covenant agreements. They spoke about identifying confidential information, customer relationships, goodwill and similar interests needing protection, complying with applicable state laws and precedents as to the enforceability of restrictive covenants, assessing reasonable scopes, durations and geographic restrictions, and more.

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Presented by Todd Wozniak and Talis Trevino

Part 3: HR Compliance Strategies for Your Multistate Workforce

Partner Kara Ariail and Associate Lauren Becker provided an overview of key considerations for ensuring compliance and practical strategies for navigating this confusing and rapidly evolving landscape. Topics included employment law and HR subject matter areas that are typically subject to state law, practical recommendations for bringing your organization into compliance with applicable state law and resources for tracking state law developments to ensure compliance going forward, among others.

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Presented by Kara Ariail and Lauren Becker

Part 4: Building a Workplace Violence Protection Program

Partners Jeffrey Nolan and Barbara Martinez advised on how to create a program that will enhance workplace safety and security. They covered points such as where incidents are occurring and who is involved in them, the different types of violence and corresponding prevention approaches, the components of a violence prevention program and the steps involved to build one, and the basics of behavioral threat assessment.

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Presented by Jeffrey Nolan and Barbara Martinez