by Bank of Valletta
6th November 2023

'It is vital to our own business on how we deliver our services to our esteemed customers and help them sustain their businesses for the future while sustaining ours.' This was stated by Dr Gordon Cordina, Chairman of Bank of Valletta during the 3rd Conference on Ethics in Business organised by the Gozo Business Chamber.

In line with the conference's theme, 'Putting Corporate Social Responsibility into Practice', the BOV Chairman emphasized that while all those who run a business have a duty to all their stakeholders to make a profit, they must also think of long-term survival by making a fair profit. A company must have solid values and a profit is made while remaining true to their values and respecting their employees, their customers, their shareholders, the environment and the community in which they operate.

'An organization is responsible for any product or service that it puts out on the market, and all the repercussions of producing that product or delivering that service,' continued the BOV Chairman. 'Focus must be on a good return on capital but always keeping Environments, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations at the forefront.'

'At Bank of Valletta we genuinely care of what happens to our employees, our customers and our society. We believe in constantly sharing information with our employees to make them share the values of the organization and feeling a sense of belonging into an organization that is doing good,' emphasized Dr Cordina. 'We accept the fact that we might need to grow at a lower rate while investing more in technology and building socially responsible business models for the satisfaction of our employees and customers.'

Bank of Valletta's collaboration with the Gozo Business Chamber stems from the Bank's commitment towards alliances with organisations that share the same values and work positively with motives to do genuine good and change people's hearts in the process.

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