1. Branch is a structural subdivision of a foreign legal entity that performs all or part of the foreign entity's functions.

2. In Limited liability partnerships (LLPs) participants hold interests. An LLP may be formed by one or more participants. The participants in an LLP are not liable for the LLP's debts beyond the value of their contributions. Participants' interests are proportional to their contributions to the charter capital. LLPs in Kazakhstan are separate legal entities that are distinct from their participants. LLP is subject to state registration and taxation.

3. Representative office is established to represent a foreign entity's interests in Kazakhstan. A representative office protects and represents the interests of the foreign legal entity and carries out preparatory and auxiliary activities, such as marketing and advertising. Generally, a representative office may not engage in commercial activity. It is not a separate legal entity.

4. Joint stock companies (JSCs) is a legal entity that issues shares in order to attract investments to finance its activities. Shareholders are not liable for the JSC's liabilities. It may have one or more shareholders. The minimum capital required for a JSC is almost US$ 350,000).

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