Tunisia is also a member of the Hague Agreement of November 6, 1925 for the International Registration of Designs and Industrial Models. Designs and industrial models are protectable through registration with the competent authority; the Institut National de la Normalisation et de la Propriete Industrielle (INNORPI). Such registration is effected without novelty examination at the applicant's responsibility.

A design or an industrial model registration is granted for five, ten or fifteen years starting from the date of filing the application. A registrant for the shorter terms has the option of applying for the extension of the protection period by the maximum duration of fifteen years.

A registration of a design or an industrial model is subject to cancellation in the event any interested party requests such a cancellation before the competent tribunal, provided that the contestant has also filed an application for the same design or model.

The registration, assignment and cancellation of design and industrial model registrations are published in the Al-Muwassafat quarterly gazette published and entered in the designs register.

There is no provision in the current Tunisian law as to working or compulsory licensing with respect to designs and industrial models. Any infringement or unauthorized use of a registered design or industrial model is punishable under the current law in Tunisia.

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