The first in a series of four articles, this first article looks at why we need to review our approach to managing our wealth in retirement?  There are important reasons which are specific to the times we live in.  The World we have created has built up expectations of retirement that in many cases will simply not be realistic.  Financial structures designed and built in the low inflation 1960s  are not able to fulfil their original functions, in part due to an ageing population. 

Great commercial opportunities from the introduction of some incredible new technologies are approaching.  Whilst holding great potential for these new companies, they are disruptive technologies that will cause the collapse of some more "traditional" business models.

So what do we have to do to secure our financial futures and that of our family members?  Some of the older methods of planning and modelling need updating.  We need to think about the future more than we look back.  We will be wise to plan and control our own destiny rather than relying on others, we need to care enough to take the time to identify our needs, measure the risks, devise a strategy and monitor the results.  Regularly!! Yet this process is full of unknowns.  We may need help to execute this successfully.

Our research and experience has been brought together to start that process of assisting you with Wealth Management for retirement.  In this paper we consider the World we live in and the current pension structures.  In following articles to be published shortly we will consider the differences in investment conditions for the next 30 years by comparison to the last 30 years and a framework for your financial future.

The World we live in

There are four factors which are changing and will continue to change during our retirement period.  Some of these changes are of such scale that we cannot ignore them.  Others are consequence of a changing world that need to be managed so that the first set of changes do not overwhelm us.  

White Paper - Insight into Wealth Management for Retirement

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.