On January 1st, partner Ali Panjwani was named co-chair of the Pryor Cashman Corporate Group, and partner Dennis Sughrue was named co-chair of the firm's Real Estate Group. The two new practice heads sat with Law 360 Pulse to discuss their new roles, the "midsize advantage," and their respective goals for their teams.

How does it feel to be named co-chair of your respective practice, and what does it mean to you?

AP: It's an honor and a privilege. I've been at Pryor for a little over eight years now, and I really enjoy the people I work with and the platform. To be given the opportunity to have a position of leadership is an honor but also a responsibility that I take really seriously. I'm excited for the prospects of where we can continue our evolution as people and as a firm.

DS: It's a great honor, and it's a great responsibility. We've got one of the most dynamic real estate groups in New York, one of the premier leasing practices, expertise in the co-op condo space, development, and real estate lending. It's just a great group. There's technical expertise and also just a lot of common-sense practitioners in the group, and I'm very excited to lead them.

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