The COVID-19 pandemic is causing major, unanticipated disruptions to business operations and supply chains around the globe. The effects are dynamic and rapidly evolving, complicating an organization's efforts to understand the current impacts on any given jurisdiction. The flood of information online, sometimes incorrect, adds an additional layer of confusion to a company's attempt to ensure business continuity operations.

Considering this unprecedented challenge, it is imperative that companies sufficiently understand the situation on the ground where they operate, have business interests or rely upon key third parties as part of their supply chain network. Critical information would include knowledge of local government responses, any travel and trade restrictions, and economic impacts.

Kroll, a division of Duff & Phelps, is optimized to assist companies remain current on the jurisdictional impact of this global pandemic. Our COVID-19 Business Impact Report helps firms understand the impacts on the business environment in a jurisdiction so that they can make informed business decisions on how to respond. Each report draws from a variety of English and local language sources, such as local and international media, government press releases, health administration reports, major think tank reports, and trade publications. A typical report consists of the following information:

  • Overview of COVID-19 in a specified jurisdiction
    • Number of cases / deaths
    • Outbreak's outlook
    • Domestic spread information
    • Testing situation
  • Government responses (national and local)
    • Enforced shutdowns of businesses / government services
    • Mandatory social distancing / quarantines / self-isolations
    • Movement / travel / trade restrictions
    • Enforced screening activities
    • Curfews
    • Economic stimulus policies
  • Economic and business impacts
    • GDP implications
    • Exports / imports
    • Key business sectors
    • Cost of capital assessment
    • Financial market situation
    • Unemployment and bankruptcy situation

With Kroll's COVID-19 Business Impact Report, organizations can ensure they are best informed in order to make the necessary decisions concerning any impact the COVID-19 outbreak might have on their employees, operations, business interests and supply chain partners.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.