In my previous videos, I discussed the importance of effectively managing employee performance and provided tips to consider for a "termination checklist."

Today, I'd like to share with you additional tips to follow for a "termination checklist."

The tips provided in this video focus on final steps to safeguard information and help you prepare for a compliant and more seamless transition.

Number One

Require the terminated employee to return all company property and information. Ask the employee pointed questions about whether any information exists on an external drive or a personal electronic device.

Number Two

Disable the employee's physical and electronic access to the worksite and the employer's electronic information.

Number Three

Secure and preserve all electronic equipment. Do not recirculate the equipment until you are confident that the employee did not use the equipment to steal data or engage in misconduct. You may also want to image the devices and conduct a forensic search if you suspect the employee may have taken information.

Number Four

Consider and evaluate safety/security risks. Sadly, there are plenty of examples of workplace violence. Determine whether security personnel will be needed - or if you need to consult with a security professional.

Number Five

Decide whether the employee will be able to collect any personal belongings from the worksite or if the employer will collect and return them.

Number Six

Document the termination meeting. A written summary can be important if there is a dispute about what was said during the meeting and the reason for termination.

And Lastly:

Convey the termination decision to others on an as-needed basis. Avoid making negative comments about the employee to others outside the organization.

I hope that you've found the information in this video series to be helpful. Terminating an employee is never easy and consulting legal counsel beforehand is always recommended.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.