An international education services company sought to disrupt the education markets, specifically college-prep courses, by developing a hyper-personalized student advisor and guidance experience.  

A&MPLIFY was brought in to identify and unlock the pathways of students by developing AI-powered advisor and guidance solutions. The objective of the Smart AI Advisor was to help students determine where to go to college based on the likelihood of getting into the school. Along the smart AI Advisor journey, students could optionally take certain courses to increase test scores.


  • Conversational AI:  Developed an AI model that accurately predicts admissions outcomes and offers school recommendations tailored to each student's profile using information gathered from a chatbot. 
  • Data Integration: Used proprietary guidance content and publicly available information to suggest personalized pathways for students to achieve their academic aspirations. 
  • Personalization: The incorporation of the organization's vast knowledge corpus led the AI Advisor to provide customized guidance, tailored pathways, and relevant products to support each student's unique journey. 


  • Actionable customer insights by merging proprietary and public source data. 
  • Scaled to service 40,000 potential active users of the Smart AI Advisor application. 
  • Higher engagements and conversions driven using AI-powered conversational capabilities. 

Originally published on 20 February 2024

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