Identity theft and cybercrime are now a multi-billion dollar industry causing severe harm to the individuals affected and the institutions we trust. In recognition of this unfortunate truth and Identity Theft Awareness Week, California Attorney General Rob Bonta suggested a series of tips to reduce your identity theft risk:

  • Protect your Social Security number.
  • Recognize "phishing" attempts and don't take the bait.
  • Protect your online information and accounts with strong passwords.
  • Check your credit card bills and bank statements often.
  • Take advantage of free annual credit reports.

Bonita advises that victims of identity theft contact the individual's local police department or sheriff's office right away. Individuals can also report identity theft and generate a recovery plan using the Federal Trade Commission's website at

"Every day, identity theft costs Californians valuable time and money to restore their good name...This Identity Theft Awareness Week, I urge everyone to stay vigilant and take proactive measures to help reduce the risk of identity theft." Rob Bonta CA Attorney General

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