Today's guest is Haley Altman. She is a corporate attorney, founder, and a friend to many of us in the legal technology innovation space. Haley has had a fascinating career, where she moved from attorney for buyers and sellers, to founding and selling her own company, and eventually landing on the buy side with Litera. She began her career in Big Law, first as an associate and then partner, moving into entrepreneurship as the founder of Doxly, Inc., which was acquired by Litera. There she took on the role of global head of corporate development, and eventually led 10 acquisitions in a time span of less than two years. Most recently, Haley has shifted to a strategic advisor consulting role at Litera, where she continues to support the leadership team and their M&A and product strategy.

In our conversation, we talk about why Haley jumped from equity partner to founder, and the support she got from her firm and the venture studio High Alpha. We also discuss why she turned her focus to the talent side of the legal industry, and how she is addressing burnout and career progression—both for herself and for others in the profession.

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