The Preiskel Conference 'ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ('AI') & THE METAVERSE' was held on 8th June, with the opening talk, 'Regulation of AI & the Metaverse', given by Senior Partner, Danny Preiskel. The talk has set the scene for a potential Digital Policy Alliance ("DPA") initiative on the regulation of the Metaverse.

The DPA is asking members for input on the business and privacy issues that they see arising and how the risks for users can be mitigated.

Some examples of issues that the DPA would considers are:

"1. Microsoft and Facebook have been calling for greater regulation of facial recognition. This is a privacy issue. Would this be an issue to look at?

2. Another area is online advertising and what can be done to ensure that consumer choice is enabled so they can revive relevant adverts without generating centralised systems of surveillance. Also, how we might enable use and control of personal data while complying with data protection law.

3. Venture capital and private equity investors are looking for specific business plans and how intellectual property rights and knowledge can be protected. This is a matter requires systems and processes that help investors in their evaluations."

Please feel free to respond to the registration of interest either directly to the DPA or by sending your input to Danny Preiskel or Tim Cowen at Preiskel & Co.

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