I was incredibly pleased to see news of innovation success story Novosound's recent business wins.  Novosound are a great example of using innovation to not only support the launch of a business but to continue to grow, adapt and seek out new markets.  Notably, their industrial ultrasound sensor products include the Kelpie sensor that has the flexibility to conform to a range of shapes, the Belenus for use at high temperatures, and the cloud-based Nebula that securely stores and reports data.

For innovative companies, it can be important to make sure your IP, such as your Patent and Trademark portfolio, follows you on your innovation journey, and stays relevant to your current products.  For example, we see many companies start out as hardware or device focussed and then move into software, data, digital and cloud-based services to enhance their offering.  Whilst it is commonly understood that Patents can be used to cover physical products, in many instances Patent protection can also be obtained for new and innovative software and other digital services or features that enhance and complement the physical product.  

As such, when you have an innovative business that is driven by change and pushing the boundaries, make sure your IP goes with you on that journey.

The company is responsible for a patented thin-film manufacturing process, which is said to eliminate conventional limitations in ultrasound sensors. It underpins the firm's non-destructive testing products.


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