Charities make a difference to millions of lives in the UK and around the world. Whatever cause you care about there will be a charity working on it. Remember you can get tax relief for any charitable gifts if you make a gift aid declaration.

You make the gift out of your taxed income and the charity can claim back basic rate tax on the value of the gift. Higher and additional rate taxpayers can claim an extra 20% or 25% in relief. Intermediate, higher and top rate taxpayers in Scotland can claim an extra 1%, 22% or 27% in relief.

You can obtain both income tax and CGT relief on gifts to charities of shares listed on the stock market and certain other investments.

Gifts to charity are free of IHT, so remembering a charity in your will can reduce the total amount of IHT that will be paid on your estate. If at least 10% of your net estate is left to charity, then the rate of IHT payable on the remainder of your estate will be reduced from 40% to 36%.

Useful link: Information about tax relief when donating to a charity.

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