The transition experienced by many rural communities across Europe and in Italy in particular, that of decline and falling populations, fuelled by the exit of young people from their small home villages leaving them with many empty properties that fall into disrepair, creates a major issue. The consequences of the significant loss of inhabitants which nearly always drives away businesses that provide important amenities to the people who remain resident in the villages have been successfully addressed by an innovative scheme that has already been rolled out in several regions in Italy to great effect. The scheme extends the possibility of buying a house for the extraordinary purchase price of one euro.

There are obligations that the new owner will have to honour and the experienced real estate lawyers in Giambrone's Palermo office will set out and explain in detail the terms and conditions attached to the purchase which must be adhered to. Our expert real estate team have extensive experience in dealing with such schemes and will advise you according to your individual circumstances and guide you through the application process and ensure that your opportunity to take advantage of this exceptional offer is completed with all the legal due diligence and safeguards.

The scheme in Sicily follows the early success of the original projects involving the imaginative rejuvenation scheme; Sicily is in the process of opening up a scheme in two villages that have suffered falling populations in the hope that the scheme will prove attractive to buyers and will breathe life into the fading villages in a similar way to the pioneers of the scheme.

One village being the feudal village of Saponara which was founded by the noble family Crillas, under the reign of King Martin I; it was elevated in status to the rank of a duchy in the 17th century by King Charles. It still has many features that reflect its colourful history and heritage. With a population of just under 4,000 and its cool mountain environment provides a perfect setting for a calmer less frantic lifestyle.

The other town that is involved with the scheme is Valledolmo, a medieval village located in a delightful scenic valley close to Mount Campanaro. Founded by Giuseppe Cutelli in 1650 having bought the land from the famous Sclafani family. Later Baron Antonio Cicala constructed some of the most important buildings of Valledolmo such as the Mother Church, a mill and the majestic chapel bell which is considered the symbol of this tiny village. Valledolmo has a small population of 3,632 which lends itself to families that would like to bring their children up in an enchanting environment with the freedom to roam safely in unspoiled rustic surroundings. It is also would provide a pleasant retirement environment for those who wish to escape the fast lifestyle often experienced in modern life.

Clearly one of the main benefits for the purchaser is that the one euro purchase price enables all the individual's available funds set aside for a property can be put to creating the perfect environment tailored for your needs; rather than having to pay the market rate for a property and still be faced with refurbishing and adapting the property to your taste or having to live with the previous owners' choices.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.