Oman: Royal Decree Number 43 of 2020 recognizing the Organizational Structure of the Tax Authority

The Royal Decree Number 42 of 2020 was brought into effect by the Tax Authority of Oman and recognized the organizational structure thereof. It lays down that the Chairman of Tax Authority shall exercise the powers and prerogatives laid down in the Income Tax Law and the Selective Tax Law. The Decree further bestows upon him the responsibility to determine exemptions from the Income Tax Law. The Chairman has all those powers dedicated to the Minister Responsible for Financial Affairs as cited in the aforementioned Laws (Article 3).

In addition to this, the Chairman is also responsible for issuance of regulations and decisions for the enforcement of the Decree's provisions. Until such issuance is made, the existing regulations shall continue to be implemented (Article 4). The Decree further clarifies that Article 5 thereof, cancels contradictions to this Decree and its attached system or anything that contravenes its provisions.

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