Minden Gross LLP hosted a seminar for medical professionals seeking advice on starting their own practice. The program was held at Minden Gross LLP on February 3, 2020. Melodie Eng, Caroline Elias, Carrington Hickey, and Alexandra (Sasha) Toten presented at the seminar on legal topics. They spoke alongside Dr. Cara Brown, MD, FRCPC; Dr. Anna Chen, MD, FRCPC; Dr. Elyse Dubo, MD, FRCPC; Dr. Jinous Hamidi, MD, FRCPC; and Dr. Michael Pare, BSc, MSc, MEd, MD, MDPAC (M), C-GP, C-IPT. 

They provided practical advice on a range of topics, including private practice models, transitions, building a practice, financial aspects, leasing considerations, business tax issues, employment matters, types of business registrations, and common legal issues when establishing a business.