Ogier's Luxembourg office has been recognised with SuperDrecksKëscht certification for its two-year project to reduce waste and the firm's work to reduce its carbon footprint through sustainable practices.

The project was led by Practice Manager Chantal Trausch and Operations Assistant Maeva Bonte and involved multiple environmental audits and rewriting the firm's procurement policies to include factors such as carbon footprints and travel times into the weighting when selecting suppliers.

SuperDrecksKëscht is a partnership initiative led by the Luxembourg government and industry bodies to encourage sustainable operations and reducing waste, in line with EU strategies.

Chantal said: "This process raises questions about carbon footprints and sustainability into almost every decision that we take, and particularly in the area of procurement of products, supplies and services.

"This certification is not easy to attain, and demonstrates our firm's very real commitment to managing its impact on the wider environment.

"We are very proud to have achieved this benchmark standard, which shows our sustainable credentials to clients, suppliers and employees."