Andersen in South Africa is thrilled to announce a pivotal development that reflects our commitment to excellence in the field of legal, tax and advisory services. Derrick, a acclaimed Managing Partner in our Corporate and Commercial practice, has been elected to serve as a Board member on the African Regional Board of Andersen Global, a prominent milestone in his expansive career and a significant leap forward for our firm.

Derrick, with his extensive experience in corporate law and mergers and acquisitions, has been instrumental in driving Andersen in South Africa's growth and success. His appointment to the African Regional Board is a testament to his leadership, dedication and expertise. As a Board member, Derrick will continue to champion our firm's values and contribute his insights to shape the strategic direction of Andersen Global in the African market.

What this means for our clients

This appointment is more than just a recognition of Derrick's accomplishments; it is a win for our clients as well. Derrick's enhanced role will allow us to further elevate the quality and scope of services we offer. Our clients can expect even greater access to cutting-edge legal and tax solutions, delivered with the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

Strengthening African Law and Tax Firms

Derrick's role on the African Regional Board is not just about Andersen in South Africa; it signifies our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering collaboration across the African legal and tax landscape. His presence on the Board will enable us to influence the development of best practices, promote knowledge sharing and create opportunities for synergy among African law and tax firms within the Andersen Global brand.

A vision for the future

As we look ahead, we are excited about the possibilities that Derrick's appointment brings. It is a testament to our dedication to serving our clients better and advancing the African legal and tax profession. We remain committed to our core values of excellence, integrity, and collaboration, and we are confident that Derrick's leadership on the African Regional Board will help us achieve even greater heights.

About Andersen in South Africa

Andersen in South Africa is a leading law and tax firm, providing a comprehensive range of services to clients across various industries. With a focus on innovation and client-centric solutions, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner in the African market.

About Andersen Global

Andersen Global is an international association of legally separate, independent member firms comprised of tax and legal professionals around the world. Established in 2013 by U.S. member firm Andersen Tax LLC, Andersen Global now has more than 7,000 professionals worldwide and a presence in over 266 locations through its member firms and collaborating firms. Andersen Global is committed to delivering seamlessly integrated services to clients worldwide.