Our esteemed Consultant, Dato' Nitin Nadkarni, will be featured in an insightful interview on Astro AWANI's 'Notepad with Ibrahim Sani' to discuss his views on fostering stronger federalism through state empowerment. This is a timely interview as we approach the forthcoming National Day celebration.

In this interview, Dato' Nitin Nadkarni will discuss several important topics. He will provide his thoughts on the recent legal updates on, and invaluable lessons learned from, the dispute between the heirs of the Sultans of Sulu and Malaysia. Notably, Dato' Nitin will emphasize the importance for Malaysia to embark on decentralization and grant greater autonomy to states, particularly Sabah and Sarawak. He passionately advocates for a shift in perspective, highlighting the need to treat Sabah and Sarawak as thriving entities rather than mere extensions of the Peninsular Malaysia.

This engaging interview follows Dato' Nitin's previous appearances on 'Notepad with Ibrahim Sani', where he shared his views on taxation issues and challenges to Malaysia's sovereignty. His contributions to these discussions showcase his knowledge and insights into the dynamic realms of law, tax, and governance.

We invite you to tune in and join us on what promises to be an enlightening and thought-provoking interview. Please mark your calendars as the interview titled 'Celebrating Stronger Federalism Through State Empowerment' will be aired on Astro AWANI at 10.30 PM (MYT), 30 August 2023, tonight!

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