The Henri Capitant Association – Dominican Republic, chaired by the firm's partner, Alberto Reyes, held a cocktail party at the French Embassy to report on past activities and achievements, review future plans and confirm new members of the organization.

Present at the activity were the president of the Constitutional Court of the Dominican Republic, Magistrate Milton Ray Guevara; the French ambassador to the country, Eric Fournier; the president of the Henri Capitant RD Association, Alberto Reyes, Magistrate Edynson Alarcón, as well as the secretary of the Constitutional Court, Grace Ventura Rondón; the lawyer Juan Francisco Puello Herrera; the director of the School of Law of the PUCMM, Santo Domingo campus, Héctor Alies; the president of the Dominican Association of French Graduates, Gabriela Beltré Acosta; and other personalities linked to the legal community.