Nigeria is Africa's largest economy, the sixth largest population in the world, and a good country to invest in. According to Wikipedia, as of January 2022, Nigeria had a population of 215 million (approximate) with young people in the 0-14 age group representing 42-54% while the 15-35 age range also represents 36%. The population is estimated to grow to 480 million by the end of the year 2050. This highlights its vast human capital ( /

Nigeria is endowed with creative, innovative, and hardworking individuals that cut across industries, mostly championing the technology space. The country is one of Africa's top economies to invest in.

A Land Full of Natural Resources.

Nigeria is one of the countries in the world that is widely rich and diverse in natural resources, with the resources spanning from minerals, petroleum, agriculture, and many others.

These resources cut across the 37 states in the country, and its agriculture and petroleum products are the major primary exports, making it accountable for 90 percent of the country's exports.

Nigeria first discovered coal in 1909, and more coal was discovered by other explorers in 1918. It is still regarded as one of the best coals in the world because of its low sulphur and ash content, which makes it eco-friendly.

The country has about 3 billion tons of coal preserved, compared to 1.5 million tons of rock salt, one of the most in-demand natural resources. There are 700 million tons of bentonite, 7.5 million tons of barite, 1 billion tons of gypsum, 4 billion tons of talc, and an estimated 10 million tons of zinc, which contains 3 billion tons of iron ore. — Source:

Nigeria's FDI Report

Nigeria has the third-highest level of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), making it a great place for investors who access untapped opportunities in which they can invest in.

With its enormous potential for growth in the West African Sub Region and Sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria's FDI is estimated to grow to over 750 billion USD by the fourth quarter of 2022.

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