The Federal Ministry of Interior ("FMI") recently updated its guidelines for Expatriate Quota ("EQ") administration at the FMI. These developments have immediate effect and are highlighted hereunder for your information:

A.  Filing of EQ Returns

Companies utilising EQ positions are now required to submit monthly returns on these positions through the designated FMI portal, as manual submissions to the FMI are no longer permissible.  However, monthly submissions at the Nigeria Immigration Service are still expected to be undertaken manually. 

In addition, the FMI has mandated that National Identity Numbers (NIN) of expatriates and Nigerian understudies are now to be included in the monthly EQ Returns before same is submitted on the FMI portal.

B.  Introduction of Company Inspection

The FMI has introduced an inspection process for companies seeking or renewing EQ approvals. A fee is payable to the FMI before the inspection can take place. The fee for the inspection will range between N45,000 and N150,000; as the fee is dependent on the location of the relevant company.

C. Appraisal of Permanent Until Review (PUR) Certificates

All Companies with PUR approvals have been requested to submit same at the FMI latest by February 28, 2022, for a review and revalidation process. The FMI has stated that PUR Certificates which are not submitted for review during this period would be considered null and void.

D.   Update of Records of Company Representatives

Companies with EQ, PUR and Business Permit approvals have been requested to forward details of their representatives, by way of a formal letter, specifying the name, position, e-mail address, phone number and mailing address of the relevant
representative. The letter should also be accompanied by two (2) passport photographs and a copy of the official identity card of the representative.  

Affected companies are therefore advised to take the necessary steps to ensure compliance with the foregoing, where applicable, to avoid accompanying sanctions with non-compliance. 

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.