It is a common phenomenon for individuals and corporate entities to require documents from statutory agencies for various reasons. This could be due to loss or destruction of document, or may be required as part of due diligence or investigation procedure in the course of completing a commercial transaction or routine business operation.

Generally, these undertakings include search or production of copies of Court records, public or government owned registry, regulatory authorities, various land bureaus and registry, government ministries, department and agencies or public libraries. The nature of the document under review largely determines where to look. Our document retrieval practice group has countrywide presence and cognate experience in delivering timely and efficient services to our clients. We have been providing litigation support services to financial institutions, private investigation firms, hedge funds and private equity firms across Nigeria. These services include retrieval of any document from any court, government agencies and court reporting services. Beyond the retrieval process, we equally provide document authentication and legalisation services for deserving documents at the embassy and requisite government ministry and agency.

Our clients find our services to be indispensable when dealing with foreclosure review, modification of mortgages, due diligence, claims review and creation of assignments and release of mortgage.

Our document retrieval services include providing support for the following:

  • Obtaining Certified True Copies of Certificate of incorporation and other incorporation documents;
  • Obtaining Certified True Copies of court judgements, records and processes;
  • Obtaining Certified True Copies of mortgage documents;
  • Obtaining Certified True Copies of land related documents;
  • Conducting searches and background checks;
  • Obtaining Certified True Copies from government agencies;
  • Government relations.

Famsville document retrieval services provides client with real time help. Our goal is to free our client from the frustration of dealing with a multitude of government agencies and registries. A fast, cost-effective retrieval plan is our cardinal objective.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.