Confirmation of Financial Products
83 Section 211 requires the issuer of a regulated product to send to the product holder within one month of issue a product or confirmation document that properly describes the nature, terms and conditions of the product and the name of the product holder.

84 Almost all derivative transactions are already evidenced by a standard confirmation document. However the document countenanced by the Bill is quite different in terms of the information it would carry. To require this new documentation will impose significant extra cost.

85 We submit that derivatives should be excluded from section 211 provided that the product holder has been sent a copy of the underlying master derivative contract (e.g. an ISDA Master Agreement) and a copy of the standard derivative confirmation setting out the relevant terms of the individual transaction.

Licensed markets
86 Clause 307, appropriately, excludes from licensing requirements any facility provided by an issuer for matching buyers and sellers of financial products issued by that issuer. This is a welcome exclusion, as it is not uncommon for non-listed entities to wish to provide such facilities. It would, however, be useful for this to be extended to subsidiaries which provide such facilities for products issued by their parents, and vice versa.

87 We accordingly submit that clause 307(2)(b) read "a company matching persons who wish to acquire financial products issued by that company or a related company (which is part of the same wholly-owned group as the company providing the facility) with persons who wish to dispose of financial products of that company or related company (whether at a specified price or otherwise)".

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