On May 02, 2017, the National Hydrocarbons Commission ("CNH") published in the Federal Official Gazette, the calls for bidding procedures CNH-A4-ORGARRIOC3 / 2017 and CNH-A3 -CÁRDENAS MORA-C2 / 2017, which purpose is the selection of partners so the State Owned Productive Company, PEMEX Exploration and Production, may jointly exploit with a partner, the respective areas.

Bidding areas:

Name Location 3P Resources Property of resources
Cárdenas Tabasco 51.89 Super light / light oil
Mora Tabasco 41.3 Super light / light oil
Ogarrio Tabasco 54.0 Light oil

Bidding guidelines for the above referred bidding procedures, as well as their model contracts, are already published in CNH official website.


Event Dates
Time to request access to information May 02, to June 27, 2017
Access to virtual data room May 02, to October 03, 2017
Visit to contractual areas August 01 to August 23, 2017
Inscription payment and petition for prequalification appointment May 02 to June 30, 2017
Filing of prequalification documents July 03 to July 07, 2017
Authorization to conform bidders September 04 to September 08, 2017
Filing and opening of proposals October 04, 2017

*Most relevant dates are included, nevertheless, additional dates are provided in the bidding guidelines.

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