From the implementation of the Energy Reform approved in 2013, specifically in connection with the bidding processes carried out by the National Hydrocarbons Commission ("CNH") for awarding exploration and extraction contracts, as well as requests of Petroleos Mexicanos ("PEMEX) to migrate various areas awarded during Round Zero, as well as existing service contracts, below are detailed the most remarkable works.

1. Fourth bid/Deep waters

The CNH and the Ministry of Energy ("SENER") expect to publish the Bidding Guidelines and open the tender at the end of October, at the latest.

It is expected that the blocks for this tender be located in marine regions of the States of Tamaulipas, Veracruz, Tabasco and Campeche.

According to the "Five-Year Term for Exploration and Extraction Bids 2015 – 2019" which is the basis for carrying out tenders in Rounds Zero and One, 11 extraction blocks for extraction of extra-heavy oil, as well as 13 blocks for exploration in deep waters will be announced by CNH and SENER. Although we cannot provide an exact date, it is considered that the filing of proposals for fourth tender might be between the first and second quarter of 2016.

On September 23, 2015, CNH published in its website seismic survey data for several deep water wells, and the process to request such data. 2. PEMEX Farm Outs On September 21, 2015, the governing body of CNH approved the request of PEMEX to migrate the first two allocations granted to PEMEX in Round Zero.

The above-mentioned approval was granted for the EK and Balam fields, located 95 km from Ciudad del Carmen in the State of Campeche, as well as for the Sinan and Bolontikú fields, located 75 km from Paraíso in the State of Tabasco.

Also, on September 24, 2015, CNH approved the request of PEMEX to migrate eight allocations granted to PEMEX in Round Zero.

The fields are identified as Ayatsil, Tekel and Utsil, located in shallow waters and expect to migrate into one sole extraction contract. According to CNH, Tekel and Utsil fields are important since they have resources of heavy and extra heavy crude oil (approximately 11° API) and are located adjacent to some blocks that will be bided in the fourth tender of Round One.

Also, CNH approved the migration of in-land fields identified as Ogarrio, Rodador and Samaria, which have light oil (approximately 16° - 30° API) and will migrate into separate extraction contracts. Finally, Cardenas and Mora fields were also approved to migrate as one sole extraction contract.

Finally, Cardenas and Mora fields were also approved to migrate as one sole extraction contract.

Pursuant to the process set forth in the Hydrocarbons Law, after CNH issues the above-mentioned approval, SENER will issue specific technical guidelines to conduct the bidding process whereby the partner of PEMEX will be selected and with whom PEMEX will exploit the allocations, as well as to determine the type of contract to be used. In turn, the Finance Ministry will issue the economic terms and conditions related to tax issues. After concluding the above, CNH will publish an invitation to bid and the above-mentioned procedure, which will be carried out, substantially on the terms used in Round One.

It is expected that bids for migration of PEMEX allocations will be published in the last trimester of 2015.

3. Migration of Integral Contracts of Exploration and Production (CIEP´s) and Public Financed Work Contracts (COP´s)

As part of the Energy Reform, PEMEX and its Contractors may request the migration of the above-referred contracts to new contract models for exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons, process identified as Round 0.5.

Initially, SENER announces a migration plan for such contracts according to the following:

11 contracts prior to the end of 2014 (Magallanes, Santuario, Arenque, San Andrés, Tierra Blanca, Altamira, Pánuco, Nejo, Olmos, Misión)

11 contracts within the first semester of 2015 (Amatitlán, Miahuapán, Miquetla, Pitepec, Soledad, Carrizo, Pirineo, Cuervito, Fronterizo, Monclova, Humapa)

It is expected that the migration of these Contracts will be carry out during the first trimester of 2016.

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