We hereby remind you of the following reporting obligations that must be complied by Mexican IMMEX companies during April and May.

IMMEX companies must electronically submit before the Mexican Ministry of Economy, an Annual Operations Report informing of their total amount of sales and exportations for the immediately preceding tax year (in Mexico fiscal years run from January to December), no later than the last business day of May.

Failure to comply with the filing of the Annual Operations Report will lead to the suspension of the benefits of the IMMEX Program. IMMEX companies are allowed to file the Report on an extemporary basis no later than the last business day of August, so the IMMEX Program is not definitively cancelled which will imply permanently losing its benefits.

For IMMEX companies that also are authorized under the PROSEC program by the Mexican government, the deadline to file their Annual Operations Report is the last business day of April rather than the last business day of May.




May 31, 2022


April 30, 2022


April 30, 2022

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