The Paraguayan Customs Authority, after receiving inside information, ordered the seizure of a shipment arriving at Asunción's International Airport "Silvio Pettirossi"'s main terminal.

This inspection took place on September 27, 2016, when special agents of the Customs Investigation Administrative Coordination (CAIA) proceeded to control the paperwork of shipments, as well as the cargo. From this inspection, the officers found a box containing a white colored dust, of about 26 kilograms. Allegedly, this products was "xanthum gum," as was detailed in the cargo documents.

This element is used in chemistry, and difying the texture of food products, emulsifying cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. It is also used in the oil industry, as well as in heavy machinery and mining.

However, and after a series of tests, it was proven that the product was not, in fact, xanthum gum, but rather lidocaine, a legal substance, but with illegal uses, such as cutting and bulking illegal drugs.

The cargo containing the lidocaine was shipped from the People's Republic of China, and made port in the United States of America and the Argentine Republic before being seized in Paraguay, where its final destination was Ciudad del Este.

This shipment was found to be in violation of the local regulation in connection to this particular chemical product (Resolution No. 563 of year 2009). In fact not only were the minimum requirements for the commercialization of lidocaine overlooked, but the shipment was also concealing another product.

The Public Ministry continues the investigation.

The Paraguayan Customs Authority continues efforts to detect and stop the trafficking of substances for human, animal and vegetal use, and deterring illegal use.


Originally published December 7, 2016.

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