Personal injury accidents include for examples; road traffic accidents, work accidents, slipping in public places, trips or falls and faulty goods accidents.

Do you know what's covered? 

Road Traffic Accidents in Italy generally involve car accidents, third party fire and theft (which are covered in comprehensive car insurance), drivers, passengers, cyclists, pedestrians, and accidents involving animals. Drivers are also able to make personal injury compensation claims in this type of accident if someone else was to blame for the accident. Passengers can file this type of claim for damages they have suffered due to injuries as well.

Generally, these claims are results of someone else's negligence. If cyclists are involved in an accident where they are hit by a third-party, they are also able to file this type of claim if they suffer injuries.

Road traffic accidents can have devastating consequences, physical and financial, with Giambrone on your side you can be confident of getting the best possible outcome.

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