I. Managed Mutual Funds

A managed portfolio using no-load mutual funds matched to your investment objectives.

Advantage of using mutual funds for diversification.

Actively Managed through asset allocation.

Low Management Fee - 75 basis points.

II. Discretionary Management

For clients with specific asset or liability management needs or for those who prefer their own tailored portfolios.

  • Each portfolio is constructed using the resources of our entire investment team to advise on the most appropriate asset mix.
  • Detailed investment guidelines are determined identifying the specific risk and return objectives for that portfolio and the parameters within which the manager will operate.
  • The guidelines are actively monitored and appropriate changes are recommended when necessary.
  • $1 million minimum portfolio size.
  • Annual management fee.

III. Private Client Brokerage Service

  • Non-discretionary trading.
  • Commissions on transactions vs annual fees.
  • Portfolios tailored to individual needs.
  • No minimum account size.
  • Wide selection of investment products.
  • Regular personal contact.
  • Education on the investment process and the products.
  • Our aim is to match the appropriate securities with our clients' individual investment objectives.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.