On June 12, 2019, the union cabinet approved the draft Homoeopathy Central Council (Amendment) Bill, 2019. The bill replaces the Central Council (Amendment) Ordinance, 2019, and extends the tenure of the Board of Governors for another year. This amendment will increase the time period of reorganization of the Central Council from the current period of one year to two years, so that the effect of the term of the Board of Governors can be extended by one year.

Background of the Homeopathy Act

The Homeopathy Central Council Act, 1973, was established to deal with the education and practice of homeopathy. Further, to improve the quality and functioning in the colleges, the Central government has introduced technical education. However, the Central Council for Homeopathy was not able to carry its duties in an appropriate manner and hence, the council was suspended; and Homoeopathy Central Council (Amendment) Ordinance, 2018, and the Board of Governors was constituted in its place on May 18, 2018 for a period of one year or till a new Central Council of Homoeopathy was reconstituted.

After the said time period of one year the Central Council for Homeopathy was not reconstituted since the State registrars were not updated for conducting the elections. Hence, the National Commission for Homoeopathy Bill, 2019, was introduced and the period to reconstitute the Central Council for Homeopathy was expanded from one year to two years. Since the house was not in session, the Homoeopathy Central Council (Amendment) Ordinance, 2019, was passed and thereafter, the Homoeopathy Central Council (Amendment) Bill, 2019, was established and approved to replace the said ordinance8.

Key points of the Bill

  • The new amendment came into force from March 2019.
  • The new bill replaces the words 'within a period of one year' section 3 (a) of Homoeopathy Central Council Act, 1973, with words 'within a period of two years'. This will expand the timeline for reconstituting the Central Council of Homeopathy.9
  • The affairs of the Union Homeopathy Council have been entrusted to a Board of Governors, which includes reputed and qualified Homeopathy doctors and eminent administrators until the Council is reorganized.


In order to reconstitute the Central Council for Homeopathy which includes dignified homeopathy doctors, the Union Cabinet has increased the timeline in the form of Homoeopathy Central Council (Amendment) Bill, 2019, which will help the Government to come out with a council which can work for the upliftment of the Homeopathy profession with transparency and quality.

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